Publically traded new media company / e-commerce business launching a massively successful new offering and needed to clean-up operations primarily around customer success.

Situation | Publically traded new media company had test marketed their Local Deals business concept and it was met with great success. Historically, the business served as a sales lead generator for airlines, hotels, resorts and cruise ships, and as a consequence was not set up to deal with mass volumes of customer inquiries, conflict resolution, refunds and merchant payment structure.

Action Taken | Launched new division with the leadership team to improve information flow and processes in the areas of: business development, risk management, production, customer and merchant services. Led CRM implementation and created sales training program with supporting materials. Merchant Extranet, BackOffice continual refinement.

Results | Created order out of chaos. Installed risk management system with vendor payment and voucher redemption tracking. Bifurcated customer service function to better focus on merchants (selling vouchers) and customers (purchasing vouchers).

Gratitude for this experience | I loved working with the team and helping them to feel appreciated and to understand how their role is critical to the success of the larger enterprise.

Core competencies | Business Intelligence; Financial Operations