Leveraging technology and finance to gain a competitive edge in the cannabis Industry Hyper experienced in entrepreneurial settings, we develop actionable strategic expansion plans with clear targets that transform your business


Learn how technology can help you do more with your time
Many early-stage companies struggle to get trustworthy data from their business system(s). This becomes an even greater challenge with too many manual processes and technology systems don’t talk to each other. If you are concerned that your current processes and supporting technology are limiting your ability to grow, ALTA can help.


82% of small businesses fail because of cash flow mismanagement.
(Something smart and compelling about how Alta can help this.)

We Evaluate your business and operations through the lens of finance and technology and implement small changes that elevate your business to the next level

Get Your House In Order

Companies come to us because they have grown so fast they haven’t been able to stay organized. Now they are in a place where an organized backend is exactly what they need to acquire funding for growth and expansion.

Problems can easily be bigger or more complex than originally expected. That’s when businesses call us. We get your house in order and use our relationships to connect you with the right funding partners. With a market as competitive and lucrative as cannabis, it’s a race to the top and our services give you a massive competitive advantage. 

Data Driven Effectiveness 

We check if there are any leaks or foul play, go over contracts, create P/L, calculate key metrics and benchmarks and anything else that needs to be done for a smooth operation. Then we create a financial strategy that cuts costs, removes inefficiencies and create a day to day operations guideline. 

Just this step alone has helped our clients save over $100,000 in the first 90 days.

Strategic Road Map

Weather you work with us for 3 days, 3 months or 18 months. We will make sure you are set up the right way moving forward.

In the beginning stages of a business, it’s about growing as fast as possible. After that it’s about operations, smoothness & efficiency. We give you the road map to success. 

Raising Capital 

Raising capital can be one of the hardest challenges for any business. Even more for a new business in it’s 4th or 5th year in a new industry like cannabis.

Rest assured, we know exactly what needs to happen in order for your business to get the funds it needs. Since 2005 we’ve helped our clients raise over 500 million in capital and transactions.