We are passionate about executing business the right way focused on CUSTOMER SUCCESS in high-growth environments.


Work with us to accelerate your business!

With deep expertise in core business technologies, financial operations, and strategic growth, ALTA Finance & Technology excels at creating access to tools and critical resources necessary to fuel extraordinary growth and success.


How effectively does your business deploy its resources to deliver products and services to customers?  Are the key functions ready to scale?


Does your strategy plan account for internal and external forces while maintaining focus on your unique core competencies?


Is your business adequately funded with the right capital, structured under the best terms available to support its success?

“Information is a commodity, execution is an art.” ~Peter Drucker

Professionals at ALTA are passionate about developing and implementing process improvements that drive simplification, standardization and enable scalability. We excel at driving new initiatives, generating buy-in and providing strategic guidance while implementing fiscal and operational controls for improved quality and compliance.


We help clients set their strategy and access real-time business metrics that are forward-looking, insightful, and presented concisely.

This means taking a deep dive to make sure we’re solving the right problems first.

We dig in and do the work necessary to fully understand key business issues vital to your competitive position and long-term success.

Financial Operations

Getting the right people and technologies in place are essential for delivering rock-solid reports and also fundamental to creating reliable, repeatable processes that scale.

Business Intelligence

Well-designed systems enable leading Customer Success experiences, improve accountability and enhance overall performance. As markets heat up, the ability to spot trends and act on them quickly becomes critical.

Growth Strategies

Build a framework for disciplined execution. Understand what it takes to become a market leader and apply that knowledge consistently to drive performance.

Raising Capital

Providing access to capital is straightforward but highly critical – especially for rapidly growing companies. The focus here is simply “NO SURPRISES.”