Philanthropists looking to develop a venture capital type solution for supporting long-term impact investment opportunities throughout Africa.

Situation | Business led by seasoned professionals based in sub-Saharan Africa who are dedicated to the long-term prosperity of their continent. During a Red Cross fundraising event in Los Angeles, I met some philanthropists from South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Action Taken | Worked with international philanthropists and NGOs in the US, Europe and Africa to develop a comprehensive value proposition with full support and buy-in from all key stakeholders. Refined business model to raise start-up capital to service global NGOs operating throughout Africa.

Results | Company was able to retain its first paying client, and we collaborated on delivering the first ever Commercial Performance Review for an internationally recognized NGO.

Gratitude for the Experience | Africa experience (Zimbabwe during hyperinflation and government unrest) changed my perspective on life. On the ground using my business skills in a philanthropic setting to help people make a difference. Opened the door to other opportunities.

Core competencies | Strategic Development; Raising Capital; Business Intelligence