Alternative asset management company with 20+ year track record in corporate debt, specialty finance, and private equity company.

Situation | Alternative asset management company with 20+ year track record in corporate debt, specialty finance and private equity strategies. The business had historically been funded via private note offerings of various terms and conditions. The goal was to (a) secure a more stable source of long-term capital through various 40 Act investment vehicles and (b) create more reliable and systematic business intelligence.

Action Taken | Created in-depth strategies for (i) developing an Alternative Asset Investment Platform, (ii) launching a new BDC and (iii) starting a new Institutional Investor Initiative. Led and coordinated key strategic growth investments, which include preparing due diligence, financial models, business plans, management meetings, and Investment Committee memoranda. Identified new investors and acquisition targets, implemented CRM / process improvements and developed more reliable and robust pipeline, origination and cash reports.

Results  | Created roadmap for various strategies that had the potential to positively impact for future of the business. Led the acquisition and restructure of leading 40 Act asset management business with more than $100 million in assets, while also helping set its strategy for future growth. Cleaned up the CRM and broke down multiple operational silos into two critical paths of information representing either Investor Lifecycle and Deal Origination.

Gratitude for this experience | It was a valuable experience in the Alternative Investment sector and its impact on investor portfolios. Opportunity to apply a unique combination of technical, strategic, analytical and communication skills toward creating better multi-party business combinations while simultaneously helping to eliminate complexity.