Est. 2005

You Will Be Over Prepared Finance Experience from the most competitive sectors, in the most turbulent times

Inspired vision and forward thinking for you business

ALTA Finance & Technology was formed in 2005 after nearly a decade of mergers and acquisitions experience with leading Private Equity, Corporate Finance and Investment Banking institutions.

Since those early days, we have learned a lot about balancing the need for results with developing a thoughtful approach to growth strategies that incorporate relevant market and customer insights driving long-term success.

Our philosophy is not just about spending money.  We have honed a unique ability to provide world-class solutions in fast-paced, results-oriented environments.  In every engagement we take on, our goal is to structure a partnership that provides you with leading talent, market expertise, and technical acumen necessary to propel your business forward.  We make a difference, or you get your money back!

Located on the West Coast, we are an agile group of professionals able to seamlessly integrate with existing leadership teams and DELIVER RESULTS in the areas of Financial Operations, Strategic Development, and Access to Funding.

  • Sep 1995

    Started Investment Banking

    Started Investment Banking with x,y,z 

  • Aug 2005

    Created Alta Fintech

    Started Alta Fintech to create custom solutions for NGO’s, Corporations, Investors & Private Equity Group

  • Feb 2017

    Alta FinTECH Focusing On Cannabis Industry

    After realizing our passion for working with cannabis companies, we decided take over 20 years of experience and tailor it to the cannabis industry.